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Check the available times in our timetable and see when it suits you to come and visit our Clinic. Please bear in mind a reasonable reply time for your appointment is required.

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Initial Full Checkup
Blood Testing
Expert Doctor Provided
24h Doctor Assistance

Full Examination

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Initial Full Checkup
Blood Testing
Expert Doctor Provided
24h Doctor Assistance


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Initial Full Checkup
Blood Testing
Expert Doctor Provided
24h Doctor Assistance
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Providing an Medical Experience

The All On Four concept means that the bridge that compensates all teeth of one jaw leans on only 4 implants. All On Four is a safe and predictable procedure, with an extremely high success rate.

If you want to walk in the dental clinic in the morning, leave all the troubles you’ve been having with your teeth behind, and walk out in the afternoon with beautiful, fixated teeth, call us and schedule the first check-up. * in certain cases, it takes up to 48h to make temporary work.

The specialized Vivo dental clinic is recommended by the company Nobel Biocare, a global leader in implantology, for its excellence and service.

All On Four takes place in two phases, it is required to pass a certain period of time between visits. Here are some of the advantages:

Large cost reduction
Reduction in the number of interventions
Professional dental team
Requires less available bone
It’s painless for patients
Using exclusively the best implants

Anthony O’Neil
Vivo Clinic Founder